Tree stump removal specialist. Fast, save, professional and fully insured. No back injury!

Thorough and professional tree stump removal. We quickly remove your tree stumps. Our stump grinding machines are the most narrow on the market! A doorway of only 27 inch is required! Big or small stumps. Get rid of ugly tree stumps!

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Fast removal of tree stumps!

Fancy a stump free lawn or garden in ? Let us grind away your ugly tree stumps so you can immediately create a beautiful garden, terrace, carport or anything your heart desires. No travel or call-out costs in !

Big stumps, small stumps, any stumps!

To remove tree stumps in the best possible way in we use dedicated, custom developed, stump grinding machines. Our stump grinders are the smallest on the market. A door width of 27 inch is sufficient! Our stump grinders chips the stump and the resulting mix of soil with woodchips is an ideal ground cover. After we grind your tree stump, there will be no more growth.

Struggle or ask us

No more struggling and back pain. We regurlarly meet people that have struggled for days to remove a tree stump, in vain! Tree stump size under ground level is often underestimated.

You could rent a stump grinder yourself. But be warned that these are dangerous and heavy machines that require experience and training to use properly and safely. Also, the advertised price is excluding mandatory insurance and wear fees. At the end of the day, it is probably cheaper to pay a professional to do this work for you.

We will gladly help you quickly and thoroughly grind away your tree stumps in . No back pain. No risc of injuries or damages.

Customer statements:

Boomstronkfrezen voor en na.
Before and after of stump grinding.


tree stump grinding 1

Tree stump removal in Almere

3 stumps needed to go out of this garden to be able to pave it. Stumps need to be cut ...
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Deep enough

Our standard grinding depth is about 8 inch below ground level. More than enough for laying tiles, creating a beautiful lawn or other ideas you have for your garden.

The above video shows you the working of a stump grinder. A bit simplified, but you get the idea. Speed is dependent on the size of the tree stump and the kind of wood. A rotating grinding wheel with hardened teeth shaves off chips off the tree stump until it is completely gone.

We use the narrowest tree stump grinders on the market!

Gespecialiseerde stobbenfrees
One of our specialized tree stump grinders

Our professional tree stump grinders fit through a very narrow doorway of only 27 inch! So most back gardens are easily accessible.

boomstronkfrees beitels
The grinder teeth. Hardened steel tips grind away the tree stump into wood chips.

Tree stump grinding. Great results!

stump removal to flowers

stump removal to terrace

Tree stump removal cost

We always quote a fixed cost for the job. No surprises. You know exactly what you're up to. No call-out or travel costs in

Multiple stumps? More discount!

Multiple tree stumps on one site will bring down the cost per stump removal. Cost is dependent on the size of the stump and the thickness, size and number of roots to be grinded. Accessibility is also a consideration.

Saving tips:

Save on the cost by:

  • making sure the stumps surroundings are flat
  • the stump free from stones
  • no slot around the tree stump (fill slots)
  • remove fences that are near the tree stump
  • be sure the stump is cut as close to the ground as possible

We can do the above work for you, but it will be charged accordingly.

Please take into consideration the following:

vrijhouden van muur
When the tree stump has grown against a wall or other object, we probably cannot completely remove the stump near the object.

Verhoogde stronk
When the tree stump is heightened, the grinding depth is less. It is therefore advantageous to remove all earth around the tree stump.

Freesproblemen borderrand
Als de boomstronk bij een borderrand staat dan kan er dieper worden gefreesd als de borderrand verwijderd wordt en de aarde in de border wordt verlaagd.

Freesproblemen hoge stam
If the stump has a height of more than 4 inch, we will first have to cut the stump with a chainsaw which will add a small fee to the cost.

freesproblemen uitgegraven
If the tree stump has a slot, this slot will have to be filled again for us to be able to grind this tree stump.

Freesproblemen stenen en keizels
Stones, steel parts or other debrie will have to be removed before we can start stump grinding.